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A New Queer Musical, “We Start in Manhattan,” Is Coming to NYC

Performers and real-life couple Ariella Serur and Sav Souza are writing, composing, and starring in a queer concert musical coming to a stage or screen near you.

Filled with humor and heart, “We Start in Manhattan” tells the story of a one-night stand-turned month-long road trip. The musical will feature original pop/folk music and explore the beauty of relationships that aren’t destined to last a lifetime.

If you love realistic romance and queer representation, then you’ll love “We Start in Manhattan.” The leads, Ariella and Sav, are members of the LGBTQIA+ community themselves. Ariella (she/her) is an actor, singer, writer, and queer dating coach. Sav (they/them), non-binary trans masc, is a Barrymore nominated actor, writer, and trans advocate. Both Ariella and Sav have theatrical credits under their belt, and this musical is the queer passion project of their dreams.

You can listen to sneak peeks of songs from the musical on Sav’s Instagram. They’ve posted two songs so far, “One Night Stand (Gone Wrong)” and “Blurring the Lines.” The song “Blurring the Lines,” in particular, is about grappling with gender identity, norms, and expectations as a trans person.

“We Start in Manhattan” starts Friday, February 4, 2022, and tickets are available here! You can watch the musical live in person or via live stream. We’ll be sure to tune in, and we hope you do too.

Make sure to follow Sav and Ariella’s TikTok for updates on the musical. Follow Sav on Instagram and Ariella on Instagram and TikTok.

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