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How Asia Hall's Tech Fashion Brand Neon Cowboys Modernized the Western Aesthetic

When Asia Hall founded the black-owned, fashion tech business Neon Cowboys in 2014, she had set her sight on creating something that exudes joy and pride through apparel and accessories.

Photo courtesy of Asia Hall

Growing up around fashion, Hall has the knack for being inspired and creating more from said inspiration. When attending a country music festival she began to imagine cowboy hats, but not just any typical cowboy hats, glowing and radiant cowboy hats. This and Hall’s background in tech, through her experience studying computer science and art, sparked the beginning of what many people know as Neon Cowboys.

Since then, the brand has expanded its horizon in regards to product offerings, now designing phone cases, boots, decor, and plenty more. The famous designs and looks of the brand have been sported by a various range of notable public figures such as Selena Gomez, Kacey Musgraves, Shea Couleé and Dua Lipa among others.

What started as just a thought has kick-started a thriving career and business for CEO and designer Asia Hall. Now, over 10,000 Neon Cowboys hats are being sold globally and a mark is certainly being made in the fashion and tech industries.

Since launching Neon Cowboys and the brand's success, Hall has used her platform to speak on social issues and causes. Throughout her career, Hall has acknowledged that the country and western inspiration of the brand is generally dominated by white people, and as someone who is Asian and Black, she is aware of people of color not typically being welcomed into that space. Asia has voiced that the exclusionary tone of that aesthetic is something, through Neon Cowboys and its accessibility, she is working toward changing.

Asia Hall is an impactful innovator in the fashion and tech space and has continued to prove that time and time again. As an entrepreneur, designer, and creative, she has proven you can pilot your own ideas and watch them flourish beyond imagination.

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