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Billy Eichner To Be Honored With 2021 National Leadership Award at LGBTQ Task Force Gala

Photo by Billy Eichner/Instagram

Comedian Billy Eichner will be honored with the 2021 National Leadership Award at the 25th National LGBTQ Task Force Gala at the Miami Beach Convention Center on Saturday, October 23.

The ceremony celebrates, as well as fundraises for social justice efforts by the National LGBTQ Task Force. Their mission includes providing education to elected officials and voters regarding non-discrimination efforts and the urgency to implement related protections. The proceeds of the fundraiser go to local LGBTQ communities and programs.

Along with establishing himself as a beloved and iconic entertainer through his work on FX's "American Horror Story" and being the first openly gay man to be a writer, actor, and producer for a major Hollywood motion picture, Billy Eichner has also contributed to raising awareness in the political space.

In 2018, Eichner launched "Glam Up the Midterms," a campaign purposed with getting the public involved in the midterm elections. His efforts included celebrity recruitment and reaching out to local leaders and activists nationwide. Another notable contribution followed Eichner's cover of Variety's "Power of Pride" issue, where he utilized the platform to address homophobia within the entertainment industry.

Eichner has clearly taken up a prominent space in said industry and has chosen to build on that with a focus on policy reform and equality. Through these efforts, he has been given such honor and recognition with the 2021 National Leadership Award.

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