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Black Graphic Designers + Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram

Graphic by Elisa Castillo

Photos from left to right: Monica Ahanonu/Instagram, Kemunto Ndege/Instagram, Dionna Gary Bunn/Instagram, Nicole/Instagram, Katana Sol/Instagram and Frances Smith/Instagram

Instagram is no longer a platform exclusively for selfies and brunch pictures; nowadays, people use Instagram to showcase their creative talent, making it the best place to find up-and-coming artists. Finding the right people to follow can be overwhelming, which is why I spent the last few weeks discovering some of the hottest graphic designers. This month at Shifter, we’re showcasing art by Black women.

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1. Dionna Gary Bunn | @designedbydg

Follow Dionna: Facebook, Portfolio, Etsy, LinkedIn

Dionna is a graphic designer, illustrator and “artivist” working specifically within branding and illustration. Her work is inspired by nature, self and culture, representations of her community and pop culture. She runs DesignedbyDG, creating graphic design and illustrations for people. DesignedbyDG offers services such as branding, package design, illustrations, etc.

2. Nicole | @meloninn_

Follow Nicole: Portfolio, Instagram, Shop

Nicole’s brand, “melonin” is an ongoing project of screenprints and illustrations centered around Black womxn.

3. Frances Smith | @francesmarina

Follow Frances: Portfolio

Frances is an Afro-Latinx artist based in New York City. Her artwork aims to amplify social justice issues, highlight underrepresented communities and tell stories. Frances is also a founder and creative director ​for Careluu, a branding studio that serves non-profits.

4. Nneka Njoku | @maliaschmalleger

Follow Nneka: Portfolio, LinkedIn, Twitter, Society6

Nneka is a Nigerian multidisciplinary designer based in New York City. Nneka’s goal with her creations is to bridge the gap between mind, emotion and spirit.

5. Katana Sol | @cactucatu

Follow Katana: Etsy, Portfolio, LinkedIn

Katana’s art revolves around imaginative thinking and creativity with form. Her goal is to create products for women of color, sustainability and make a difference in any way she can.

6. Kemunto Ndege | @kemunto.dsgn

Follow Kemunto: Portfolio, LinkedIn, Personal Instagram

If you’re a fan of Target, (I mean, who isn’t?) you might already be familiar with this next graphic designer's work. Kemunto Nedge is a digital designer for Target on top of also running her own Black + woman-owned design studio called KemuntoDSGN.

7. Lambi | @lamboflemila

Follow Lambi: Portfolio

Lambi is a multimedia artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. She describes the characters in her illustrations as “personified versions of one coming into and embracing oneself spiritually, mentally, physically and sexually.”

8. Monica Ahanonu| @monicaahanonu

Follow Monica: Portfolio, Etsy

Monica Ahanonu is a Los Angeles-based freelance illustrator and expert in color theory, vector illustration and motion design. Monica’s work makes learning about other cultures, industries and backgrounds accessible.

9. Brianna Pippens | @bpeppersart

Follow Brianna: Portfolio, Society6

Brianna Pippens is a self-taught visual and performance artist based in Washington, DC. Her illustrations, paintings, drawings, animations and cut-out work focus on race, nostalgia and the nuances of Black identity and experience.

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