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Inclusive Sex Ed Resources for the LGBTQ+ Community

Graphic by Elisa Castillo.

Pornography provides a false narrative of how sex should be handled, and it is not necessarily all correct. And with sexual education in schools being completely heteronormative, where are you supposed to get useful, valid resources? Typically, LGBTQ+ folk learn from mainstream media or pornography, due to sex-ed teaching only about straight, cisgendered sex.

Most public schools focus on STDs and STIs and putting a banana over a condom. How are those that identify outside of heternorms supposed to learn about safe sex health and correct contraceptive practices?

So, if you’re struggling to find a place that’ll cover all the bases for LGBTQ+ inclusive sex ed, look no further. Here are some of the most accessible and inclusive resources for safer sex health.

1. The Safe Sex Project

The Safe Sex Project is a youth-run nonprofit based in South Florida that aims to educate people from all identities and orientations about safer sex health. They are transparent in conversation regarding sex (even the stuff that everyone refuses to talk about).

2. The Safe Zone

The Safe Zone Project provides free and accessible education for just about everything regarding LGBTQ+ folk! Though they provide training for those who want to educate (or be educated) about the LGBTQ+ community, countless resources range from coming out to having safer sex.

3. The Human Rights Campaign

The Human Rights Campaign is quite possibly one of the most accredited organizations in the fight for equality for the LGBTQ+ community. Provided its regarded standing in social activism, they make many accessible resources tsurrounding safer sex health and HIV/AIDS available to the public.

4. Sex, Etc.

A great organization that is created “by teens, for teens.” Sex, Etc. provides a superfluous amount of resources that involve digital and publication forms. There are also open forums where if they have not answered a question you have about sexual health, you can discuss it there!

5. The Asexuality and Visibility Network

Who said that sex education couldn’t involve asexual folk? The Asexuality and Visibility Network is a hub of information for those that identify or want to understand asexuality, including attitudes about sex better.

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