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PUBLIC The Band’s “Missing You Today” Owns My Heart

We at Shifter have had the wonderful opportunity of highlighting artists from all over! And today is no exception as we’re highlighting a boy band that owns our hearts; PUBLIC.

This boy band has come out with a new single titled “Missing You Today“ and we can’t help but have it on repeat.

Singers John Vaughn, Matt Alvarado, and Ben Lapps have made a hit with this love song that tugs at the heartstrings (in a good way).

The band known as PUBLIC has made similar hits, such as “Make You Mine” which was featured on Genius Lyrics. Their latest single is a catchy tune that reminisces about missing that special someone in your life. The song starts off with a soft guitar that’s followed by an upbeat drum that we can’t help but bop our heads to. It then leads to the chorus that has us singing along to the band.

With lyrics, “I just need to be with you right now” and “I’m missing you today, your kisses are far away,” listeners can’t help but dance to the beat of the drum that goes perfectly with the catchy love lyrics.

You can check out PUBLIC’S newest single on all streaming services, whether you use Apple Music, YouTube, or Spotify!

Be sure to check out PUBLIC’S Instagram for more updates on their newest music!

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