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Shifter Selects: Get That 'Happier Than Ever' Glow

Graphic by Samantha Olson. Photos from left to right: Glow Up/BBC and Netflix, Billie Eilish/Darkroom; Interscope Records, Remi Bader/Instagram

Welcome to Shifter Selects, an addition to our digital component where we’ll highlight the latest trends in music, film/TV and fashion. Here’s how it’ll go down: on Monday of every week, we’ll be on the lookout for trending topics and give our hot takes on the matter. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Look no further than our Shifter Selects for the week of August 2 – 6.

Netflix finally dropped the third season of "Glow Up," Billie Eilish opens up on her sophomore record, "Happier Than Ever," and TikTok has ushered in a new era of plus size fashionistas that we can't get enough of. Read on to see what it's all about.


Billie Eilish’s "Happier Than Ever" Shows Us The Star As We've Never Seen Her

by Emma Lingo

Where to listen: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, etc.

Billie Elish’s sophomore album, “Happier Than Ever,” dropped Friday, July 30 and was met with much less praise than her initial release, “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?”

“NDA” features Elish whisper-singing about her fame and the words aren’t comprehensible to the standard listener. Her other songs such as “Your Power” and “Lost Cause” carry the album with their relaxed beats and relatable lyrics.

Before the release of “Happier Than Ever,” Eilish found herself in hot water with the queer and POC communities. Her new boo, Matthew Tyler Voce, was caught using racist and homophobic slurs in the past as well as fat-shaming. Eilish herself had to combat accusations of queer-baiting with the promotional images for “Lost Cause.”

Overall, “Happier Than Ever” fails to live up to the standard Eilish set with “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” Its release was hindered by scandals and the songs were bogged down by backing tracks that overpowered Eilish’s vocals. Hopefully in the future the singer can once again deliver something with as much power as her EP “don’t smile at me.”


The Show That Glows Is Back For Season 3

by Brianna Fairman

Where to watch: Netflix

For aspiring MUAs and lovers of the beauty community, BBC presents season 3 of the feel-good makeup competition show Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star on Netflix.

Fans of the show were delighted to see the contests’ pronouns included alongside their names, ages and occupations in their introductions.

This season welcomed 10 contestants and judges Val Garland and Dominic Skinner alongside host Maya Jama. Episode 2 asked contestants to design a look that embodies freedom for a chance to work with X on FX’s hit LGBTQIA+ show Pose. On Episode 4, contestants worked to create looks inspired by original TikTok filters.

The competition was hot this season, with Dolli, Sophie and Craig making it to the finale.

Even though plenty of fans were thrilled about Sophie’s win, others thought Dolli was “snubbed”– and while Sophie and Craig are both undoubtedly talented, I’m firmly #TeamDolli.


Inclusivity Made Right!

by Ysatis Rios-Sabat

Where to follow: @denisemmercedes, @itsminagerges + @remibader on TikTok

It’s no secret that we still have a ways to go before size-inclusivity meets fashion. But, with the help of TikToker’s like Remi Bader, Denise Mercedes and Mina Gerges, we’re one step closer in the right direction!

Denise Mercedes

Founder of #stylenotsize and #becauseitsmybody, Denise Mercedes has made a name for herself on the interwebs for her take on fashion-inclusivity. The New Jersey native is often seen on TikTok next to her friend, Maria Castellanos, sporting the same outfits in different sizes.

“We love the way you’ve supported the movement and we decided it was time to take it to the next level. This movement is about taking a stand! The industry needs to dress EVERYONE no matter their shape or size, and let’s just say ‘we got your back,’” Mercedes said on Instagram.

Remi Bader

What would a size-inclusivity be without the one and only Remi Bader? Bader, known for her realistic try-ons and reviews of clothes on TikTok, is not afraid to give it to you straight. The model makes everyone feel as though they’re right there in a fitting room with her.

Mina Gerges

Mina Gerges is known for styling clothes that are traditionally seen on “skinny dudes” and making them look “thick.” Last month, Gerges sported an all-white cut-out shirt and paired it with some flashy accessories.

The plus-side model took to TikTok to explain what it’s like to be in the fashion industry, saying, “First thing, it’s hard to get signed because a lot of agencies don’t have a board for plus-sized men.”

We love what they’re all doing for fashion and hope every fashion company follows through with size inclusivity!

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