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Shifter Selects: It's Time to Put Real People on Posters

Graphic by Samantha N. Olson. Photos from left to right: Billie Eilish/Apple, Jamie Alexander/Instagram, Chloe x Halle/Instagram.

Welcome to Shifter Selects, a new addition to our digital component where we’ll highlight the latest trends in music, film/TV and fashion. Here’s how it’ll go down: on Monday of every week, we’ll be on the lookout for trending topics and give our hot takes on the matter. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Look no further than our Shifter Selects for the week of March 8–12.

Sunspot Cinema is holding its "Doublethink" virtual film festival this week, The Real Catwalk is bringing inclusion and body positivity to the forefront of fashion and Zara Larsson just dropped her anticipated sophomore album, "Poster Girl" on March 5.


Zara Larsson is the "Poster Girl" for Infectious Pop

by Camille Ruiz Mangual

Where to listen: Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, SoundCloud, Deezer

“I'm not a girl who goes into my bedroom and sits and opens my book and writes down words. No, I go in front of my mirror and perform for my fake crowd,” Larsson says in an interview with Billboard Magazine about the creation of her sophomore album “Poster Girl,” which dropped March 5.

“Poster Girl” is lavish, glamorous, sexy and luxurious. The album highlights unexpected love, infatuation, female autonomy, toxic relationships and yearning. Songs on “Poster Girl” draw inspiration from Larsson’s personal life. Larsson said the title track is “just a fun song about weed.” She also mentioned that, “What Happens Here” was inspired by her experience with her first boyfriend who said he wouldn’t tell anyone if they had sex, even though Larsson was not embarrassed about having sex.

Photo by Jamie Heath for Paper Magazine

Larsson’s sophomore effort will have you dancing until you can’t dance anymore. Check out “Poster Girl” and follow Zara Larsson on Instagram.


Sunspot Cinema Launches its Virtual Film Festival, "Doublethink"

by Valerie Galarza

Where to watch: Doublethink – Sunspot Cinema

Calling all film lovers! Sunspot Cinema now has a virtual film festival for its latest screen programming “Doublethink.”

In its statement to its viewers, Sunspot Cinema defined the word “doublethink” as the “acceptance of or mental capacity to accept contrary opinions or beliefs at the same time” which comes from fictional author George Orwell.

With that definition in mind, Sunspot Cinema chose17 films that depict the conflicting struggle one has when they “doublethink.” Many of the films come from students who have either graduated from or are still attending the University of Central Florida here in Orlando.

“Doublethink” is part of this year’s Sunspot Cinema Collective and features an array of amazing abstract films such as “I Feel Like I'm Almost Floating, My Toes Hardly Touch the Ground” by Kyla Schramm which centers on a woman coming face-to-face with her thoughts and “Do Not Be Afraid” by Frank Volk which depicts the contradicting idea of being afraid of the people closest to you. You can check out these and other fantastic films on Sunspot Cinema!


The Real Catwalk, Where Fashion Meets Self-Love

by Brianna Bradley

Where to follow: Instagram

Photo by The Real Catwalk

If you haven’t heard of The Real Catwalk, then you’re about to. The Real Catwalk is a nonprofit organization founded by America’s Next Top Model alumna Khrystyana that is dedicated to promoting inclusivity, empowerment and self-love. As its name suggests, The Real Catwalk is all about keeping it real by showcasing diverse bodies.

The 2021 virtual edition to their collection of catwalks was recently released. Shot by Syracuse Lux Photography, the shoot featured models of all walks of life. The models wore elegant silk dresses styled as bouquets, each delicately adorned with flowers. At the end of the runway, the models undressed to reveal their authentic selves. It’s powerful yet vulnerable at the same time — and not like anything you would expect to see in a traditional fashion show. The Real Catwalk shows us that everyone is beautiful and worthy of the spotlight.

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