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Still Woozy Announces Upcoming Tour, Discusses Album Inspiration

Photo Courtesy of Universal Music Group

From creating music in his garage to taking center stage, Still Woozy definitely knows how to make the best of his environment.

Days after the release of his new album, "If This Isn't Nice, Then I Don't Know What Is," Sven Gamsky —aka Still Woozy— allowed us the pleasure of attending a press conference hosted by Universal Music Group’s creative solutions team,°1824. Woozy delved deep into his emotions for the press conference, leaving no stone unturned. The singer-songwriter opened up about his songwriting process, musical inspirations, and how the pandemic impacted his new music.

“I think that [the pandemic] gave me time to focus on what I wanted to do. I had time to experiment more... If anything it allowed me to look more inward than outward for subject matter to write about,” he said.

The Portland-based artist-curated an eclectic album with a myriad of influences. Woozy said the most exciting part of the process was giving a voice to his “writer’s brain” and feeling as though songs— like "These Days" — had a home.

“'These Days' isn’t a big single song, but it’s a song that I feel is really important. It’s exciting to share that and have it in the appropriate context,” he said.

The album depicts the singer’s relationship with his mental health and what it feels like to be living in one’s own head. Woozy admitted that creating and recording 13 songs allowed him to delve deeper into the sides of himself that he would have otherwise neglected.

“Some of the best lyrics are the most honest and they’re not trying to be super eloquent or verbose, just straight to the point," he said. "That’s what I hope to have done with the stuff that’s out there now on the album.”

Woozy is set to embark on an upcoming North American and European tour this fall, with tickets available now. To listen to Still Woozy’s music you can stream "If This Isn't Nice, Then I Don't Know What Is," on Spotify and follow his journey on Instagram and on his website!

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