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Diving Into Your Aura: Submissions for Issue Vi

Photo by mymind on Unsplash

Hello Shifters, welcome to our new age.

Volume II Issue 3 is themed AURA an exploration of the self. This issue will present an opportunity for writers, creators, and artists of all type to dive within themselves and expose their unseen field of energy, also known as AURA. This issue will be divided in three sections: Mind. Body. and Soul.


“Mind, body, and soul” refers to the connection between these three aspects of yourself. We want you to explore your beliefs, thoughts, and actions. What fuels your beliefs? What set off your thoughts and emotions? What justifies your actions?


Think of your body — of your host. The body you possess everyday is the physical aspect of yourself that carries you through life, allowing you to experience the world through your five senses. Sight. Hearing. Taste. Touch. Smell.

What makes you, you? What have you experienced, seen, heard? What have you said? What do you do feed your body strength, vitality, and energy?


Your soul, is an essence. A spirit. This is a portal that connects you with others, with your faith, with yourself. What are you doing to mend this connection? What color serves your soul? What intentions do you have?

AURA is all about the sweet and sour life has to offer us — and the things we do with them. This inter-visual and literary issue is meant to serve as an opportunity for self-exploration, mindfulness, grounding, revelation, intention, manifestation and connection. Issue VI will be divided into these three sections, allowing artists and writers to narrow down their art.

Please feel free to submit content for each section, individually or collectively.

Submissions for our issue can include (but are not limited to):

  • art (any form)

  • photography

  • essays

  • poems

  • stories

  • playlists

  • thoughts

  • secrets

  • anything else you might come up with!

Here at Shifter Mag, we are looking for raw, moving content that tells a story and makes others talk. But we're also here to create a safe space for all. We are committed to embracing diversity, inclusion and equality.

We, however, will not tolerate nor publish ANY type of work that promotes discrimination, racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia or any kind of prejudice against any group of people.

The deadline for our submissions is May 20 at 11:59 p.m EST. All submissions must be sent to . After submitting, please allow the Shifter team up to two weeks to review and reply to your submission.

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