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‘Lucid Dreaming’ by Indie-folk Artist Amy Jay + Upcoming NYC Show

Kicking off the new year, the self-proclaimed “melancholic indie-folk songwriter,” Amy Jay released her new single “Lucid Dreaming.” The track altogether has a great sense of life to it, with various layers of acoustic and synthetic instrumentals. Still being open enough for the track to breathe and not feel overcrowded.

The acoustic guitar and piano met with soft, yet forefront vocals make “Lucid Dreaming” a track that is gut-wrenching, mesmerizing, and dreamy — no pun intended — all at once. Jay takes reign with honest lyrics and a smooth tone that gradually builds throughout the song.

The song was inspired by the singer/songwriter’s experience living in New York and her time on the subway. She described the moment in which the song took inspiration, as being in a “hypnotic, half asleep, morning commute state,” where the smell of sunscreen and cigarettes flashed her back to her childhood, making the reality of adulthood seem unbelievable, almost dream-like.

The release of the single will be followed up by the release of Jay’s first full-length album, Awake Sleeper, out February 11. To celebrate the album release, Amy Jay will be performing a live show at NYC’s Rockwood Music Hall on February 5.

More details and music from Amy Jay can be found here.

“Lucid Dreaming” is now available to stream on all streaming platforms, with the official music video, coming out soon.

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