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5 Plus Size Fashion Influencers You Should Be Following

The world of fashion is infamous for its inclusivity issue — plus-size bodies have been poorly represented in media for years because of it. But, as influencer culture has taken the internet by storm, the number of plus-size models and creators has grown.

Curvy and plus-sized influencers are breaking the boundaries of fashion and inspiring brands to follow suit. Ahead, meet five plus-sized models whose diverse range of body types and aesthetics are shifting the fashion landscape.

1. Amanda Quach

Amanda first blew up on social media through her “Day in A Virghoe’s Life” series on TikTok. Soon after, her content expanded to fashion-based posts that spanned from shopping tips and outfit ideas for her viewers. Her style dabbles through a wide range of aesthetics and trends, but remains consistent with vibrant colors and funky patterns. You can find Amanda through her Instagram, @virghoe_xoxo, or her Tiktok, @virghoexoxo. She also has her own YouTube channel, Amanda Quach.

2. Moe Black

Moe Black describes herself on her TikTok as “your fashionable older sister,” a role she lives up to with her content. Her account is filled with videos to guide people with styling tips, outfit ideas, advice, and a popular series where she tests brands to make sure they fit her as a size 20 before others buy it. Though her style is based on the groovy aesthetic ‘60s and ‘70s, she also dabbles in Y2K, streetwear, and business casual. Other than TikTok, she’s available on Instagram at @moeblackx and YouTube as Moe Black.

3. Joanna Pincerato

Joanna’s modeling career started in 2016 and she’s since signed with IMM Models, Le Management and MIKAs Stockholm. Her soft glam looks paired with a blend of neutral and vibrant colors has gained her the role of brand ambassador for a number of popular boutiques like NastyGal and PrettyLittleThing. To stay updated on her looks, follow her Instagram, @joannapincerato.

4. David Fadd

Plus size talents are definitely a minority in the modeling industry. But, even less represented are masculine-presenting and masculine-leaning plus-size models. David Fadd is a plus-size male model from the UK and Germany. He uses chromatic color schemes to highlight outfits that travel through time with heavy influences from modern sneaker culture to the streetwear of the ‘90s. He’s available on Instagram and TikTok, where he posts style inspiration and modeling tips.

5. Ireanna Bradshaw

Ireanna is the go-to influencer for those who prefer to ditch full-coverage outfits and show skin. Though she has other outfits sprinkled throughout her Instagram feed, most of Ireanna’s content shows her in lingerie of both dark and bright colors. It’s only natural for her to model for Savage X Fenty. On her TikTok account, you can find OOTDs and motivational advice promoting body positivity. She’s also available on her Instagram, @mynamesireanna.

With influencer culture on a nonstop rise, it’s important for people to follow those that look like them. There are so many more users with a plethora of styles to follow, but consider these five a starting point.

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