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You Should Follow These Queer TikTokers ASAP

Graphic by Samantha N. Olson

Photos from left to right: Mycha Bueché/Instagram, Katie Muckle/Instagram, So Lazo/Instagram

Before I downloaded TikTok, I assumed it was a platform full of teenagers doing short dances and nothing else. It didn’t sound like my thing, but there was a lot of buzz around the app and its creators, so I downloaded it. A few days in, I realized the algorithm had read me like a book. My “For You” page was full of artists, writers and people who were just trying to figure their lives out. Since there are so many incredible creators on the app, it can be difficult to know where to start, what content you like and how to curate your feed. We at Shifter Mag have curated a list of queer creators you should follow who exemplify the best of TikTok’s content.

1. So Lazo | @solazo_


So is an illustrator and tattoo artist from El Salvador. Their TikToks are a mix of quirky outfits, timelapse art and tattoos. Personally, I’m obsessed with the bright colors and patterns that make up their outfits. You can find their latest TikTok here.

2. Mycha Bueché | @artbymycha


Mycha is an art director at Target and an artist. Her page features paintings and other art-related things, colorful outfits, and dreamy cottagecore videos. As someone who is not particularly skilled in the world of painting, I love watching Mycha creating her vibrant paintings. You can find Mycha here.

3. Chris Olsen | @olsennchris + @notolsennchris


Chris is a college student, a People Magazine “Sexiest Guy” honoree and a fairly well-known TikTok star. He’s known on TikTok for doing challenges with his boyfriend, Ian Paget. Chris joined TikTok in March of 2020 and quickly blew up, now sitting at 5.2 million followers. If you’re looking for comedy or cute boyfriends, you can find Chris on TikTok right here and his alternate account here.

4. Malia Hope | @maliaschmalleger


Malia is a TikTok star, blogger, podcaster and YouTuber. Her TikToks are a mix of motivational self-love videos and comedy. I love when Malia comes up on my “For You” page because her content is empowering, inspiring and encourages me to change my mindset about myself and life. You can find Malia on TikTok here.

5. Julia Kennefic | @bigsopranoenergy


Julia is a singer, vocal coach, musician, and online teacher. Her videos on TikTok are primarily around singing and music, but she often also posts videos around astrology, magic, and other interests. As a former choir student, I love watching her tips for improving your singing voice. Find Julia on TikTok here.

6. Dutch | @dutchdeccc


Dutch is a TikTok star who’s best known for sitting in his bathtub and telling his audience about his chaotic days in New York City. Dutch is particularly vocal around social issues on his platform and uses his space to advocate for issues he’s passionate about. His videos don’t really have a niche, so there’s something in there for everyone. You can find Dutch on TikTok here.

7. Are Evensen | @aer.ey


Are is a 26-year-old student from Eastern Norway. One day this past summer, Are woke up with powerful involuntary tics and was soon diagnosed with Transient Tic Disorder. He debuted on TikTok doing the “Hold an egg with tics challenge.” Since then, Are continues to bring attention to what it’s like living with tics. You can find Are’s videos here.

8. Katie Muckle| @kati3art


Katie is an aspiring tattoo artist. Her most recent TikToks are tattoo designs with different themes such as movies or the year 2020, while her older ones are a mix of dance videos and day-in-the-life style videos. You can find Katie on TikTok here.

9. Drew Scott | @lonefoxhome


Drew is a DIYer, YouTuber and creator of Lone Fox, a home goods, stationary and lifestyle brand. On TikTok, Drew shares videos about crafting and interior design while also partaking in the latest TikTok dance trends. Find Drew on TikTok here.

10. Dani | @phantomsign


Dani is a hard of hearing creator on TikTok. Her videos focus primarily on pop culture, signing songs and partaking in TikTok trends using sign language. Dani makes it clear that she is not on TikTok to teach people how to sign and directs people to other deaf creators and educators for that. Still, her TikToks are fun to watch and have a really cool, moody energy to them. Find Dani on TikTok here.

I hope that this gives you a bit of a feel for the kinds of engaging content and creators you can find on TikTok. Happy curating!

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