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Shifter Fest Vol. II: How to Get Involved

Are you a musician or performance artist looking to showcase your talents or grow your platform? Look no further than Shifter Fest.

If you're new around here, Shifter Mag is a platform that celebrates diversity and inclusion in innovative, creative ways. We value individuality and artistry across all avenues, so it only felt right to create an initiative to highlight performance artists of all kinds.

In July 2020, we launched that initiative as Shifter Fest. We knew we wanted to create a visual series for our platform, and what better way than to shine a light on singers, musicians, drag performers, spoken-word poets and live painters — among other things — on our IGTV?

Since this was still a new concept, our first volume of Shifter Fest was chock-full of our friends and local artists we'd already been following. Shifter Fest Vol. I highlighted the talents of drag queens, singer-songwriters, viral Viners-turned-musicians and past reality singing competition contestants – and that's only naming a few. All of this talent was found within our inner circles, so imagine what artists outside of that will do for future volumes of Shifter Fest.

Shifter Fest Vol. I performers include Jasmine Valdes, Amity Devine, Victoria Cage, Ulysse, Genesis Diaz, Desde la Otredad and 666chainz.

Which brings us to this blog — not to go all Uncle Sam on y'all, but we want YOU to get involved with our next volume of Shifter Fest. We've already been keeping our eyes on specific performers, but we want to extend this opportunity to more in hopes of launching Vol. II by November 2020. If you needed a sign to showcase your talent, this is it!

If you want to check out our last volume of Shifter Fest, visit us on Instagram.

Interested in being a Shifter Fest Vol. II performer? Tell us who you are, what you do and what you're interested in bringing to the table at If you have any social media or platforms where you've shared your performance pieces, share that with us! Please make the subject line "YOUR NAME for Shifter Fest Vol. II."
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