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Shifter Selects: SKIMS Faces Backlash Again?

Graphic by Samantha Olson. Photos from left to right: "Last Night in Soho"/Focus Features, Megan Thee Stallion/300 Entertainment, Kim Kardashian West/Instagram

Welcome to Shifter Selects, an addition to our digital component where we’ll highlight the latest trends in music, film/TV and fashion. Here’s how it’ll go down: on Monday of every week, we’ll be on the lookout for trending topics and give our hot takes on the matter. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Look no further than our Shifter Selects for the week of Nov. 1 – 5.

Megan Thee Stallion drops a highly anticipated project, 'Last Night in Soho' hits theatres, and SKIMS partners with FENDI.


Thee Stallion has Returned!

Where to see: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, etc.

It’s officially hot girl autumn. On Friday, Megan Thee Stallion released her new project "Something for Thee Hotties."

The 21 track project consists of unreleased tracks from the rapper that have remained in the archives until now. With various freestyles and features from Juicy J, Dino btw, and VickeeLo Megan perfectly captures a nostalgic factor aligned with her first set of mixtapes, while giving listeners hints as to where she is going as an artist.

The rapper described the release as something to hold the fans over with for the rest of the year but it just might have left them craving more.


'Last Night in Soho' is OUT

Where to watch: In theaters

Friday, Oct. 29 Edgar Wrights’s ‘Last Night in Soho’ was released. The psychological horror thriller starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Thomasin McKenzie follows an aspiring fashion designer played by Taylor-Joy, who finds herself being transported and pulled into the dark and twisted life of a 60s singer played by McKenzie.

Wright described the making of the film as a way to explore how people perceive his hometown of London through a woman’s perspective adding what is being described as a “stylish thriller” and “deliciously twisted journey.”



Where to see: FENDI x SKIMS

Last week, Kim Kardashian West announced the latest collaboration for her shapewear line, SKIMS with FENDI. The reality TV Star and mogul took to her Instagram to unveil the line, launching Nov. 9.

Staying in alignment with the brand of Skims, the line will feature form-fitting garments, such as underwear, sportswear, and more but now with the pieces being covered and wrapped in Skims x Fendi monograms. Although, without fail the reveal fell into its own bit of controversy with speculation that the designs showed on Instagram with monograms featured on the pieces were photoshopped on. It begs the question: Can people be excited for a line when they are not being shown what it really looks like?

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