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Shifting Stars: What’s in the Stars for You in 2022

Welcome to another year of Shifting Stars, your astrological blog that spills the tea and tells it how it is. 2022 marks an interesting year, no matter how you look at it. If you are looking at a numerical standpoint, the back-to-back twos mark for a prosperous year full of growth. Or if you are looking at it from the standpoint of someone who is sick of the pandemic and would like to move on with their life, 2022 should be an interesting chapter of your journey.

Regardless, 2022 will start off a little difficult in January, with many opportunities to reflect on what does not serve you. Then, will move into the rest of the year with many moments where you will thrive and grow. This will vary per sign, so let's get into it.

Fire Signs

2022 will be a big year of reflecting and focusing on when to compromise and when to leave. For many of you, there is much in your past that keeps coming to your mind — whether it be someone you have a crush on that you are going back and forth on, or difficulties at work with coworkers, or even within yourself and spending habits. All of these different scenarios are highlighted by different moments where you feel yourself having to compromise and ultimately commit to yourself, your job, or your loved ones if you want for there to be harmony. However, this will prove especially difficult in 2022 as you move forward with your intentions to constantly be carefree and in the moment without any real commitments.

Learn to understand when it calls for a compromise. This will help you along your journey and really make 2022 your year.

photo by Maxim Tajer on Unsplash

Water Signs

2022 will prove to be the year where you learn that forcing your idea of perfection will be your doom. For many of you, this means learning to let go when necessary and to stop insisting that something will fix itself if you keep staying by its side. This could be a loved one, a group of friends, or even ideals within yourself.

Essentially, you are so used to this dream of perfection that you have created around people. Rarely do people ever match up to the fictional version we have of them, so it strains all of your relationships to try to put people into a box and hope that they meet your expectations knowing that they won't. Learn to let go when necessary and to leave when it calls for you. This will help the growth that is written for you in 2022 and help you along the year.

photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash

Air Signs

2022 calls for you to control your impulsivity. Many of you will feel moved to respond to your urges. Whether it is to quit your job and find a new one, or to completely change the aesthetic of your home, or to leave a romantic partner for another. However, this year will test you as you learn that responding so quickly to these fleeting thoughts without thinking them thoroughly means that you are constantly changing everything without thinking about what exactly is best for you. Take the time to think things through, whether it is if you are really happy with where you are in your career or if you are really happy with that special someone.

Learn to take time to think things through and have intentions with everything you do. 2022 will be a year that brings you many good things but only if you can understand their intentions.

photo by Corina Rainer on Unsplash

Earth Signs

2022 is the year that you realize work hard, play hard does not equate to a well-balanced lifestyle. Many of you are constantly under this personal duress where you feel the need to overwork yourself. Whether that is overworking yourself in your career, or in your personal relationships, or even with your personal growth, you are constantly second-guessing yourself and thinking you don't work hard enough. However, there is beauty in letting go. Sometimes waiting and resting during a puzzling time is more productive than attempting to force a puzzle piece that clearly doesn't fit. Take the time to care for yourself and recharge. This does not mean that you constantly treat yourself to a five-dollar latte, but rather take the time to fortify your mind and body. Learn to rest and appreciate yourself. 2022 is when all of your hard work pays off, but you will only be able to appreciate it if you appreciate yourself.

No matter what your zodiac sign is, the planets have been charted to bring a lot of growth and fulfillment in 2022. There is no growth without a little pain, but the payoff is absolutely worth it. I hope that your New Year started off right. Come back next month to see what else the stars have to say.

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