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10 Underrated LGBTQ+ Films to Watch This Valentine's Day

Graphic by Victor Martinez-Rivera. Photo via Logolite Entertainment.

Watching romance films on Valentine’s Day is a tradition that many people, myself included, tend to follow. But the lack of representation of queer people and couples in these films has become very apparent.

There have been some popular films with LGBTQ+ representation, such as 2018’s "Love, Simon" and the 2020 holiday film "Happiest Season," but there are other films that not many people may know. Here's our list of the top-10 underrated LGBTQ+ films to binge on Valentine’s Day.

1. “First Girl I Loved” (2016)

Where you can watch: YouTube ($3.99), Amazon Prime Video ($4.99)

This Sundance award-winning movie follows 17-year-old yearbook editor Anne who falls in love with Sasha, the star of the softball team. The film takes on the cliché love-triangle between three friends as Anne’s best friend Clifton becomes jealous of the girls’ new budding romance.

2. “Boy Meets Girl” (2014)

Where you can watch: Tubi (Free), YouTube ($3.99)

The representation in this film deserves an award how accurately it portrays a young transgender woman played by a trans actress (Michelle Hendly) as she questions her sexuality and pursues her dream of being a fashion designer. It’s a sex-positive romantic comedy that explores the idea of following your dreams and living life as your most authentic self.

3. “Pariah” (2011)

Where you can watch: YouTube ($3.99), Amazon Prime Video ($3.99)

Another great film with real and accurate representation is directed by the queen herself, Dee Rees. This semi-autobiographical indie film explores the sexuality of a young Black teen as she struggles with acceptance from her family.

4. “G.B.F” (2013)

Where you can watch: YouTube, Tubi (free)

This is definitely more of a night out with friends type of film as the story follows a closeted gay teenage boy wanting to join the popular girls clique. Taking inspiration from comedy classics such as “Mean Girls,” “G.B.F” which stands for “gay best friend,” is a great film to watch if you’re more into comedy than romance.

5. “Saving Face” (2004)

Where you can watch: YouTube ($3.99), Tubi (Free)

If you’ve seen “The Half Of It” by Alice Wu on Netflix, then you should probably watch her other amazing queer film about a young, closeted lesbian named Wil and the journey she shares with her mother as they both hide secrets of their own from the rest of their family.

6. “4th Man Out” (2015)

Where you can watch: YouTube (free), Hulu (free)

If you’re looking for something more lighthearted and comedic, then I suggest watching this subversive comedy. It focuses on small-town mechanic Adam as he decides to finally come out to his stereotypically straight bros and deals with the fear of not being accepted.

7. “Naz & Maalik” (2015)

Where you can watch: iTunes ($4.99), Tubi (free)

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for underground indie films. “Naz & Maalik” is an indie comedy that depicts the lives of two young, Black Muslim boys in love as they deal with coming to terms with their sexuality as well as the consequences that come with it.

8. “The Feels” (2018)

Where you can watch: Netflix (with subscription)

Worried about being in “The Feels” (pun intended) this Valentine’s Day? Then you should watch this classic comedy starring Constance Wu and Angela Trimbur as they navigate their newly engaged relationship and the fact that one of the brides admits to never having an orgasm.

9. “Handsome Devil” (2016)

Where you can watch: Netflix (with subscription)

“Handsome Devil” takes on the Rom-Com trope of opposites falling in love. The film focuses on Ned, a self-described loner as he becomes friends with the star rugby player, Conor.

10. “A Date For Mad Mary” (2016)

Where you can watch: Amazon (with subscription), Tubi (free)

There are no words to describe how much I love this film. “A Date for Mad Mary” is a Rom-Com film that I find myself watching every year and it never gets old. It’s an Irish indie film about a young delinquent known as “Mad Mary” as she becomes determined to find a date for her best friend’s wedding.

Whether you're safely surrounded by loved ones or just hanging by yourself, these films will surely do the trick this Valentine's Day.

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