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Matias Poro Kicks Off 2022 with Latin Dance Pop Track 'Marea'

Photo courtesy of Matias Poro

Queer Chilean artist Matias Poro just released his new single, “Marea,” on January 7. Spoiler alert: once you listen, you won’t be able to get it out of your head.

The name Matias Poro may sound familiar to loyal Shifters — Matias was featured on our site and socials last year for Shifter Fest Volume III, and we’ve been keeping up with him ever since.

Based in Miami, Florida, Matias hasn’t strayed far from his Latin roots. This Spanish dance-pop song mixes upbeat production with sea-deep lyrics you’ll want to dance and dive into. Matias not only wrote and composed “Marea,” but he directed and edited the official music video as well.

The song is for anyone who’s been stuck in a relationship they couldn’t get out of. It’s raw, relatable, and real. Matias sings from the heart from the very first verse: “Llego tu voz / Como una marea con alto oleaje” (“Your voice came / Like a tide with a high swell”).

He later acknowledges that he should let go of this person, even if it will break him to do so: “Libero mi alma de aquí del fondo del mar / De esta realidad que mi vida envenena” (“I free my soul from here from the bottom of the sea / From this reality that my life poisons”). Just like the tide, his lover keeps him from rising to the surface. Matias tells us that we can save ourselves from drowning, and shows us that we’re not alone.

We’ll never be the same after listening to “Marea,” and we won’t be letting go of Matias Poro anytime soon.

You can stream "Marea" here and follow Matias Poro on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Make sure to catch up on his exclusive Shifter Fest Q&A.

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