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Sex-Positive TikTokers That'll Teach You More About Sex-Ed Than Public Schools

Graphic by Elisa Castillo.

If you are anything like me, you spend an unhealthy amount of time on TikTok. While that may be a problem to tackle at a different time, I have learned tons of valuable information through the app that we all should have been taught in our sex-ed courses growing up.

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Good sexual education is extremely hard to come across, especially when it comes to inclusivity. Luckily, many professionals and sex educators have taken to TikTok to spread their knowledge on all things involving safer sex health and sex-positivity. Here are some of our favorite sex-positive TikTokers:

1. Tessy Vanderhaeghe |

Tessy Vanderhaeghe is a sex health educator that advocates for better sex education in schools, as well as working toward inclusive safer sex health. She talks about a multitude of topics, like birth control, genital hygiene, virginity and more!

2. Rubi | @itsrubibish1

Rubi may not be a professional sex educator, but he does give a good amount of tips for genital hygiene and sexual preparation.

3. Dr. Staci Tanouye | @dr.staci.t

Not only is she a board-certified OB/GYN, but Dr. Staci Tanouye is a sexual health educator on TikTok as well! With videos surrounding topics like masturbation and clitoral health, you are sure to gain a multitude of sex-positive information.

4. Katie Haan | @itskatiehaan

Katie Haan may not be a doctor, but she is a well-versed sex educator who is on a mission to give the information that high school sexual education was not able to give. Though she is still in her first few months as a sex-positive TikToker, she has provided a good resource for many people needing guidance in all things sex education.

5. Dr. Jennifer Lincoln | @drjenniferlincoln

As a verified, successful OB/GYN, Dr. Jennifer Lincoln has come to the world of TikTok to offer information about vaginal health and birth control, among other topics. Her recent videos have also involved conversation around the COVID vaccines and if it has a possible effect on pregnancies.

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