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Shifting Stars: The Best Sources for All Things Astrology

Photo by Alina Vilchenko on Pexels

Scorpio season is upon us! Right now, we're heading toward the end of the Scorpio season and approaching Sagittarius season. We've just gone through two retrogrades with a retrograde in Mars and a retrograde in Mercury. To say the least, if October felt tense, whether it was due to personal reasons or even election season, there was a reason. Because of the full moon on Halloween, there was a projection that there would be a lot of trouble accumulating and manifestations coming to life.

For anyone new out there, retrogrades occur when the planets literally appear to be moving backward. Retrogrades are times of tense emotions and conflict and we go through around four to six of them every single year. So it should not be anything scary. This month, we will be exploring different apps for astrology that aren’t Co-Star and how your zodiac or birth chart can affect your love life as per your requests.

As many of us know, astrology is about much more than just your sun sign, or your zodiac sign, which people are most aware of. It goes past that — your birth chart tracks where every single planet and certain comets were at the exact time you were born in the universe.

This month, someone asked:

“How do your placements affect your love life?”

This question is kind of loaded as it plays into a lot of different things. I want to be clear that there is no “I’m a Gemini and that means that I can’t date an Aries” rule. However, your placements can tell a lot about how you will respond to people as well as map out your future possibilities. There is no promise to anything; however, you can pay astrologers to map out your future and see what is in store for you.

Your placements play heavily into how you will respond to love and how you will love. It is both a combination of personality, personal experiences and nurture. There are a lot of trends. To really get a deeper look at it, I would need to look at your Mercury as well as your Venus and your moon. If you are new here, you can use any birth chart calculator and plug in the day and time you were born to find out your birth chart.

Essentially, your zodiac placement in Mercury will explain how you communicate with both yourself and others. Your placement in Venus explains how you show love as well as what you tend to be attracted to. Your placement in the moon will show you your inner emotions and feelings. Many astrologers say that your soulmate, of which you have many throughout a lifetime, will share the same moon as you. This would mean that you both share similar emotional states.

The second question asked this month was:

“What apps/websites do you recommend to learn about your chart and signs?”

This is a great question. Co-Star is a super popular astrology app at the moment. While I do enjoy it, I feel like it’s very rudimentary and basic. Also, Co-Star does not actually employ real astrologists and allegedly doesn't support the Black Lives Matter movement. So... there’s some tea there.

Personally, I highly recommend The Pattern as an astrology app. The Pattern not only gives you very specific and personal information that is well detailed but also provides details about the world in real-time. So, you can learn more about yourself while also learning about the world in real-time and keeping track of things like retrogrades. While I don’t have any recommendations for websites, I do have plenty of astrologers, Twitter accounts and Instagram accounts to recommend to help simplify things and help you learn more. Astrology is a very deep and complicated field.

@PoetAstrologers on Twitter is great for those who like having fun and being poetic about astrology. @Astrobebs on Twitter is also excellent for general information and she provides astrology services as well! @MysticxLipstick on Twitter is also really great because she is a long-time astrologer and provides a lot of in-depth insight as well as astrological services.

@SistersVillage on Instagram provides great general information and gorgeous graphics. @Marenaltman on TikTok is a great astrologist that provides visual information as well as services. So, those are some of my online recommendations to help you learn more and ease into the astrology world. Also, who doesn’t like to learn more about themselves?

That’s all for this month. Tune back in next month to hear how the universe is going to drag us. This column is a safe space to answer all of your questions. You can submit your questions through this form. I hope to hear more from you all!

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