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Welcome to Shifting Stars

Photo by Tania Medina on Unsplash

Hello! My name is Cat. I am a columnist for Shifter Magazine, University of Central Florida alumna and astrology enthusiast since my freshman year of college. Shifting Stars is a column where you can ask all of your questions about life, love, yourself or anything else that may come up and the universe will provide answers.

If you are wondering how the stars can affect your life, look no further. We will cover general topics from retrogrades to compatibility to in-depth looks at birth charts. As someone who loves to know any information about myself to grow as a person, I’ve come to love astrology. It has both dragged me to filth and helped me realize my potential as a human being. I feel that astrology shouldn’t seem so basic or complex and enjoyable to everyone. So, Shifting Stars was born!

This column is a safe space to answer all your questions without making you feel like a small bleep in the universe, but rather an important soul in the universe. You can submit questions through this form. I sincerely hope to see what you have to ask the stars about and how I can offer a helping hand!

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