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Shifting Stars: Are Your Signs Compatible?

Photo by The Gender Spectrum Collection

Shifting Stars is a column where you can ask all of your questions about life, love, yourself or

anything else that may come up and the universe will provide answers. Valentine’s Day is approaching and with it, Aquarius season is in full swing. With 2021 being the new age of Aquarius, there’s obviously a lot to unpack here. Let’s see what may be in store for love and sign compatibility.

The most important thing to note before we dive into all of this is to understand that compatibility may say one thing about whether two signs should be together or not, but truly it comes down to each individual and the relationship itself. So, take it with a grain of salt basically. Today we’re going to talk about which signs tend to gravitate towards each other.

Aquarius and Scorpio or Aquarius and Sagittarius are couples we see often. The nature of Aquarius being somewhat whimsical while having a lack of structure and rigidity is very appealing to both Scorpio and Sagittarius. Aquarius is a sign that often brings depth with their affinity toward profound thoughts and conversations about life. Aquarians think about things in an unconventional manner that makes them very unique and appealing — especially since Scorpio and Sagittarius really enjoy being mystified and romanced with the unknown.

Sag in particular really loves people who can keep them on their toes and keep their minds engaged. On the flip side, the way Scorpio and Sagittarius can deal with situations and their forwardness can be very appealing to the unstructured Aquarius. Either way, this is a couple that’s seen often and considered to be very compatible. Of course, there will be some toxic traits in those relationships that we can often arise.

Another couple we tend to see is Pisces and Libra. Generally, Pisces is a very emotionally devoted sign and can take Libra for a ride. Libras being as romantic as they are — being ruled by feminine Venus also helps — hold energy that desires to be in a fairy tale romance. This is appealing to Pisces as Libras can be charming, charismatic and seem like the perfect match. On the flip side, Pisces are only seeing what they want and are also only displaying what they want. Both signs have a tendency to keep much of themselves private, which provides this alluring mystery to anyone interested in them. They both enjoy being whisked away in this idea of a fairy tale that they have both constructed and imagined. However, in doing so, once the story ends, they will no longer want to be involved in the situation. It’s a very interesting pattern to see.

If you want to see if you may be more compatible with a particular person, my advice would be to see if your moon signs match up. Usually, if you have the same moon signs, it means that you feel and handle your emotions in a very similar way. You’ll hold similar responses and emotional wants and needs. On top of the idea of being born when the moon was in the same position is romantic, right?

Now let’s take a look at the transits and what the universe may have in store for romance for all the signs. There’s a new moon in Aquarius! This brings a strong desire to be free and eccentric. It causes the world to want to focus on our individuality and what makes us unique. It’s a good time to stop worrying about how others will perceive us and focus on what we bring to the table. For romance, this will mean abandoning the idea of convention. Dive into the unknown with your partner or take a chance with someone you may have felt was not 100% a match for you. Take your values and thoughts into consideration and what makes you unique and the kind of partner that can match you. We’re also currently experiencing a Mercury Retrograde. I would warn all about linking up with any past partners or restarting any bad habits you may have left behind. Do not go back to what no longer serves you and always push forward.

This column is a safe space to answer all your questions without making you feel small within the universe. Rather, we want you to feel like an important soul in the universe. You can submit questions through this form. I wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day and if you don’t already have one, allow me to be your valentine. ;-)

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