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Shifting Stars: What Spring Brings

Welcome to Shifting Stars, a monthly astrological column that spills the tea and tells it how it is. This month, we are going to get into what spring will bring. As the season changes, spring is the season that always marks something new beginning. It's the season for freshness, changes, floral pieces, and more. The season will mark the beginning of a new astrological year that starts on March 20th, 2022. Not only that — the spring equinox is the first major astrological event of the new year and marks the first day of spring and the new astrological year. Let's get into what this will mean for the signs!

We are going to explore how each of the signs should start their new year through what they should do for spring cleaning. We will be doing this based on the element of the zodiac. Each zodiac sign can be seen as a fire, water, air or earth sign. Each of these elements characterizes the sign itself and ties into their personality.

Earth Signs

Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo are considered earth signs. These signs are grounded, stubborn, and consistent. You will always know what to expect from them as they are creatures of habit. With the spring equinox coming, many earth signs will feel forced to move from their cozy little den of hibernation that they have created for themselves. They hate having to start something new, even when that something new is good for them. This proves to be true, even with the start of a new astrological year.

Earth signs will need to keep an eye out for hoarded self care materials from the previous year, old coupons they never got around to using for the stores they love, and social circles that don't bring them any joy outside of small talk. While these signs love self care, they have a tendency to hoard to-be memories and avoid using thing they find valuable and enjoyable so they can "stock up" on it. Earth signs, take this new year as a year to actually do things for yourself and avoid storing things up in case of "bad times". Treat yourself by do things that serve you, and actually do it and don't just say it.

Air Signs

Air signs are Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius. Air signs are unbounded, free, and friendly. You can always expect for them to be the peacekeeper of the group who loooooves to have fun — maybe a little too much fun at times. With spring coming in just a short few days, air signs will feel this need to abandon all old projects and start anew. This is actually a false start for air signs, as they love to start "new" things that are actually just old projects they never finished. As funny as it sounds, the best way for air signs to start something new, is to actually finish whatever they have left over as its unfinished status will cause them distress. Something for them to remember as the new year starts is to finish items from the last year.

Air signs need to get rid of their book of ideas, craft items from five years ago that they never opened, and being fake by always laughing at jokes even when they aren't funny. These signs love to be the peacekeeper and in doing so, avoid being real with others and themselves. Not only do they avoid being real with themselves, they avoid being realistic with there goals and what they want to accomplish. Air signs take this new year to actually finish all of the things you want before you go and start something new or write down a great new idea. Always starting things and never finishing is also not the best way to go, so focus on yourself and accomplishing your goals.

Water Signs

Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer are considered water signs. They're ever-flowing, caring, and always there for their loved ones. You can find them to be nurturing and guiding. However, they can a bit too self-sacrificing and not knowing how to establish boundaries. With the spring equinox in full force, water signs will want to just go with the flow and let their environment or those around the dictate how things should go. However, going with the flow is not always a good thing. It's great when you're in a group and you are the easy-going one, but when it comes to your own life, one needs to be proactive. Many water signs like to just see what happens so they don't have to make a statement, but sometimes a strong statement is what one needs to guide themselves to their goal. As the new year starts, water signs need to make a strong statement and commit themselves to what they want, rather than going with whatever happens and saying "it is what it is".

Water signs need to let go of their dead houseplants, stalking their exes on social media, and unsent letters or texts. These signs love hanging onto things, even when it doesn't serve them and continuously holding out for people who have long left them behind. While it's good to be dedicated to those around you, it's even better to be dedicated to yourself and your own well-being. Let go of holding others' opinion to such high regard and making it the core of your life goals. Water signs take this new astrological year as a means to dedicate all efforts towards oneself and being happy alone. Misery loves company is a saying for a reason, but don't let it be the saying for you.

Fire Signs

Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Fire signs are passionate, starters, and a moving force. You can find them constantly on the go and constantly reinventing themselves, while this may mean that they lack consistency and commitment. With spring on the horizon, fire signs will feel the need to reinvent themselves and write down resolutions or a bucket list for the new year. They will feel the need to say "new year, new me" even though they said that about three months ago when January started. While fire signs are full of life, energy, and fun, they struggle with the ability to place themselves outside of themselves. They can sometimes be self-centered and use sight of those around them by being constantly on the move. As the new astrological year starts, fire signs will need to evaluate where they are and where they want to be in life. They will need to think about things like, "Am I just on the move, or am I moving in a dedicated direction?" The difference between those two lifestyles are astounding. It's the difference between running away to Paris because you are avoiding home or running away to a different state to achieve your ultimate career goals.

Fire signs need to let go of pent up emotions, not meeting deadlines, and constantly taking pictures instead of being in the moment. These signs feel a need to constantly put on a face that they believe portrays a certain vibe to others. While this means, they are the life of the party and occasional center of attention, it also means they are at a lost for what is real and actually them. They need to avoid wanting to put on this constant air about themselves and be more real with those around them. Stop constantly changing to avoid reality. Fire signs take this new year as a means to be a little bit more stagnant and to think before doing something.

Happy spring equinox! Remember that there are many chances for new beginnings throughout a calendar or astrological year. Try your best, and if that doesn't work, then try again. Come back next month to see what April showers may bring.

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