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Shifting Stars: Once in a Decade Conjunction

Welcome to Shifting Stars, a monthly astrological column that spills the tea and tells it how it is. This month, we will be explaining what a conjunction is and why this upcoming one is so important. This will be one of the most defining transits of 2022, Jupiter and Neptune will come together in Pisces. This marks a very dreamy time as both planets have a strong relationship with Pisces.

Let's get into what this all means!

Photo by Nastya Dulhiier

A conjunction is when two planets meet or link up together within the same sign. In this case, Jupiter and Neptune are meeting together in Pisces. The importance of this is usually if the planets share similar energy or are connected to the sign they are in, it amplifies the energy during this time period and causes the energy to be more intense than normal. Conjunctions are said to be major aspects and can be the most powerful aspects of a chart. This conjunction could be named the Cosmic Conjunction for its very rare appearance in our solar system and its amplified dreamy energy. Usually, Jupiter and Neptune only meet up once every 13 years. This means that for most of us who are young adults, the last time this affected us is when we were children. Even more so, Jupiter and Neptune have not specifically met in Pisces since 1856 and will not happen again until 2188.

Photo by Dario Brönnimann

Think of Jupiter as generous, golden, abundant energy. Essentially think of a golden lucky cat or Buddha statue. Jupiter will have you thinking about yourself and the world from a different perspective. Think of Neptune as dreamy, intuitive, illusionary energy. Neptune will take you to a different realm, but always have you relying on your instincts. Together, when Jupiter and Neptune conjoin it will allow for us to deepen any activity, habit, or practice that allows us to access our higher self and succeed in doing so. It will have you expressing yourself through creative means and relying more on instinct than fact. Jupiter and Neptune both have a strong relationship with Pisces. Pisces is already naturally out of this world, in the clouds, and heavily intuitive. With the intense energy of Jupiter and Neptune conjoining in Pisces, expect to be a bit on the creative side and want to indulge yourself. However, if you work hard and listen to yourself, you will reap the benefits of this conjunction.

Expect Jupiter and Neptune to flirt in the stars from April 12 to May 10, and then again from October 18 to December 20 of this year. Let this auspicious time bring you prosperity, luck, and intuition.

Come back in May to see what will happen in our solar system next!

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